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Home to Some of the Best Handmade Treats in Pelham, NY

It’s time to tickle your sweet tooth at Provisions Bake Shop. As creators of some of the best handmade treats in Pelham, NY, we invite you and your friends to enjoy our cookies, pastries, snacks, and more. Everything we make uses high-quality ingredients to craft a taste sensation you won’t find anywhere else. Peruse our menu to discover a new favorite.

We’re a local bakeshop that serves the community. So whether you’re getting ready for a party or would like to reward your team at work, we have a special something that will brighten everyone’s day. From small-batch snacks to gourmet cakes, we offer customized treats for virtually any occasion.

Browse our menu below, and then get ready to bring gourmet flavors to you and yours. All of our treats are handmade and prepared fresh. You may order items in small batches, or mix and match to craft a custom gift tray. Contact us to place your order.

Breakfast Pastries

Muffins - $2.75

Banana Chocolate Chip

Flavorful Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin with crumb topping

Cinnamon Buttermilk

Scrumptious Buttermilk Muffin coated in cinnamon sugar


Delicious Corn Muffin packed with real corn kernels

Morning Glory

Moist Spiced Muffin jam-packed with shredded apples, coconuts, pineapples, raisins and carrots

Seasonal Muffin Options


Blueberry Muffin with fresh ripe in-season blueberries

Apple Spice

Spiced Muffin loaded with Provisions’ Fresh, Hand-Picked Apples


Moist and flavorful, perfectly spiced Pumpkin muffin

Scones - $2.75

Lemon Ginger

Traditional Scone with fresh lemon zest, fresh grated ginger, and pieces of candied ginger

Orange Cranberry

Traditional Scone with orange zest and packed with pieces of fresh cranberries

Chocolate Chip

Traditional Scone loaded with mini chocolate chips


Traditional Scone loaded with currants

Provisions Homemade Pop Tarts - $3.75 each

Flaky All-Natural Butter Crust filled with fresh seasonal fruit filling 

Granola Bars - $2.80

Our rich and flavorful homemade Granola Bar with raisins and dried cranberries 

Sour Cream Coffee Cake - $18.00

Moist Sour Cream Cake with a cinnamon swirl, topped with a decadent cinnamon crumb topping

Seasonal Breakfast Pastries:

Apple Crisp - $3.75 per serving

Fresh Baked Apples topped with a light cinnamon sugar crumb topping 

Cinnamon Buns - $3.75 each

Rich Sweet-Bun with a cinnamon sugar swirl, glazed in a rich vanilla frosting

Fresh Fruit Crostatas -$4.75 each

Light flaky pastry filled with fresh fruit

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Black & White - $1.85 each

Soft Shortbread Cookie iced with chocolate and vanilla glaze

Chocolate Chip - $1.00 each or 8 for $6.50

Traditional Crisp Baked Drop cookie filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips

Coconut Macaroons - $1.00 each

Soft, Chewy Cookie filled with shredded coconut, Gluten Free Option

Jumble - $2.00 each

Soft, Chewy, Over-Sized Drop Cookie, packed with dried cranberries, pecans, almonds, and chocolate chips

Marshmallow Puffs - $2.75 each
(featured on FiOS 1’s Restaurant Hunters)

Provisions’ Sugar Cookie topped with house-made marshmallow and dipped in dark chocolate

Oatmeal Raisin - $1.00 each

Traditional Crisp Oatmeal Drop Cookie loaded with plump raisins

Sugar - $1.00 each

Sweet, Crisp, Shortbread Cookie cut into various shapes and topped with colored sugar sprinkles

Whoopie Pies - $2.75 each

Chocolate Cake-Like Cookie Sandwich, filled with marshmallow fluff buttercream

Seasonal Flavors


Pumpkin Cake-Like Cookie Sandwich, filled with ginger cream cheese


Chocolate Cake-Like Cookie Sandwich, filled with peppermint marshmallow fluff buttercream and rolled in crushed peppermint candies 

Seasonal Cookies - $1.00 each 


Crisp Gingerbread Short Dough cut into various shapes and topped with sugar sprinkles

Ginger Snaps

Crisp Baked Ginger Drop Cookie

Peanut Butter

Traditional Crisp Peanut Butter Drop Cookie

Chocolate Peppermint Snaps

Crisp Baked Chocolate Cookie packed with peppermint candy pieces


Sweet, Crisp Baked Cinnamon Sugar Drop Cookie

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Three-layers of moist, perfectly spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (contains no nuts or raisins)

Chocolate Fudge

Two-layers of decadent chocolate cake with a smooth rich chocolate buttercream frosting


Two-layers of our flavorful vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting covered in flaked coconut

Red Velvet

Two-layers of rich red cocoa cake with vanilla buttercream frosting


Two-layers of decadent chocolate cake filled with oreo buttercream filling and finished with smooth vanilla buttercream


Two-layers of banana, pineapple, pecan spice cake finished in rich cream cheese frosting and topped with toasted pecans

Pink Lady

Two-layers of our flavorful vanilla cake frosted in perfect pink vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight

Two-layers of rich chocolate fudge cake with a peanut butter buttercream frosting and finished with a chocolate drizzle


Two-layers of rich chocolate cake frosted in smooth vanilla buttercream and topped in chocolate ganache glaze
(Add $5.00)

Lemon Raspberry

Two-layers of flavorful lemon cake frosted in rich creamy raspberry buttercream

Old Fashioned Birthday

Two-layers of flavorful vanilla butter cake frosted in rich chocolate buttercream

Provisions German Chocolate

Two-layers of decadent chocolate cake filled with rich caramelized coconut pecan topping and finished in smooth chocolate buttercream
(Add $5.00)


Two-layers of rich white butter cake with rainbow sprinkles frosted with smooth vanilla buttercream and topped with rainbow sprinkles

Death by Chocolate

Two-layers of rich chocolate cake frosted with a creamy chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache

Cake Sizes Servings Price Gluten-Free*
6” up to 8 $25.00 $30.00
8” 8 - 12 $40.00 $50.00
9” 12 - 16 $50.00 $60.00
10” 18 - 22 $60.00 $80.00
12” 22 - 35 $80.00 $110.00
Sheet Cake 11x16 50 $120.00 $160.00
Sheet Cake 1/4 20 - 25 $60.00 $80.00

*Available in carrot, vanilla or chocolate

Ask about our custom-made cakes for weddings, birthdays, holidays, showers, and more! 

Please Note: Our standard cakes measure 6”, all standard cakes are two-layers

For all cake orders, we request a minimum notice of 48 hours.

Inscriptions: Start at $5

Buttercream tiered cakes: start at $8 per serving.

Fondant tiered cakes: start at $10 per serving.

Three-layer 12” serves 45 - $118.00

Three-layer Sheet Cake serves 75 - $175.00

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Standard Flavors -  $3.25 each


Chocolate Cake topped with your choice of chocolate or vanilla buttercream

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake topped with vanilla buttercream


Vanilla Cake topped with your choice of chocolate or vanilla buttercream

Cupcake Bouquets - $37.50 each

Seven (7) Cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) decorated as flowers, arranged in a bouquet 

Specialty Flavors - $3.50 each


Carrot Cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Chocolate Cake topped with caramel buttercream, finished with coarse sea salt


Vanilla Cake topped with cream cheese frosting coated in shredded coconut


White Butter Cake with rainbow sprinkles topped with vanilla buttercream and finished with rainbow sprinkles


Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Fluff Filling topped with chocolate ganache and finished with a vanilla swirl


Chocolate Cake topped with Oreo Buttercream finished with an Oreo Cookie 

Seasonal Flavors - $3.50 each


Orange Cake topped with vanilla/orange buttercream swirl


Chocolate Guinness Cake topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream finished with dark chocolate crispies

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Cake with a Lemon Curd Filling finished with a meringue topping

Lemon Raspberry

Lemon Cake topped with raspberry buttercream


Mocha Cake with a Kahlua Ganache Filling topped with espresso buttercream


Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Ganache Filling topped with espresso buttercream and a chocolate ganache drizzle

Pina Colada

Pineapple Cake with a coconut rum filling topped with pineapple buttercream finished with toasted shredded coconut and a maraschino cherry

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne Cake with a strawberry buttercream filling topped with pink champagne buttercream

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter Cake with a Grape Jelly Filling topped with peanut butter buttercream and finished with a grape jelly drizzle

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Dessert Bars

Belgian Chocolate Brownie - $2.80 each

Rich and Fudgey, Dark Chocolate baked dessert square 

Lemon Bar - $2.80 each

Refreshing, light, and sweet lemon tart 

Magic Bar - $2.80 each

Layered Dessert Bar with shredded coconut, chocolate chips, walnuts and sweetened condensed milk 

Raspberry Pecan Bar - $2.80 each

Pecan Shortbread with raspberry jam filling

Revel Bar - $2.80 each

            Rich Oatmeal Cookie base with a fudge chocolate filling

Seasonal Dessert Bars

Blondie - $2.80 each

Decadent Brown Sugar Dessert Bar packed with semi sweet chocolate chips and toasted walnuts 

Pecan Square - $2.80 each

Shortbread Dessert Square topped with a caramel pecan topping

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Gluten-Free & Allergy Friendly

Gluten-Free Options:

Coconut Macaroons - $1.00 each

Lemon Loaf - $7.00 each

Belgian Chocolate Brownies - $3.00 each

Cupcake Flavors - $3.75 each

Carrot, Chocolate, Vanilla

(For cake pricing see cake menu)

Vegan Options

Chocolate Cake/Cupcakes, Carrot Cake/Cupcakes, Banana Cake/Cupcakes

All Gluten Free Options Contain NO NUTS
For all other dietary and/or allergy friendly options please contact Provisions Bake Shop

(914) 595-2701

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Made to Order

Cake Bites - 6 for $5 or $1 each

Standard Flavors: Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Vanilla 

Cake Pops - base price $3.80 each

Standard Flavors: Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Vanilla
(We request a minimum order of ONE dozen, as well as a minimum notice of ONE week) 

Hand Painted Sugar Cookies - base price $5 each

Provisions Sugar cookie* with a royal icing finish
(*please see cookie menu for description. We require a minimum order of ONE dozen cookies as well as a minimum notice of ONE week) 

Mini Cupcakes - $18.00 per dozen

See cupcake menu for flavors
(We request a minimum notice of ONE week)