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Fresh and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies in Pelham, NY

There’s not much to match delicious and delectable chocolate chip cookies in Pelham, NY. When those treats are made fresh daily by our skilled and talented bakers at Provisions Bake Shop, their tastiness further increases.

Our chocolate chip cookies on their own are an excellent snack, but they can be made even better. We provide customized painted cookies that allow you to send a personalized message to the special people in your life or others that help you celebrate a holiday or event. Mother’s Day, Halloween, and Graduation are examples that come to mind for made-to-order cookies. 

If you’re looking to provide treats for everyone for a party at your home or want to add some joy to a work meeting, why not order some of our cookies and even a few cupcakes for good measure? We do provide office delivery for our baked products.

We are a small batch bakery, and it means we can take the time to ensure that everything we make meets our high standards for freshness and wholesome goodness. 

Contact us today at Provisions Bake Shop to place an order for a batch of fresh and sweet chocolate chip cookies or to get some of our other products, such as cupcakes, cakes, or pies.