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Sinfully Good Dessert Bars in Pelham, NY

Surprise your staff with an office delivery of delectable sweets everyone will enjoy. Or you can treat yourself to a sweety delight and keep all the calories to yourself. No matter what the occasion, event, or function, our dessert bars give Pelham, NY, sweet lovers something to celebrate.

Confection Perfection

Whether you love lemony delights or want to dive into chocolate heaven, we have the dessert bars your tastebuds crave. Explore our selection and then place your order to experience a burst of flavor like you have never known. Our expert sweet treat creators are ready to fill your plate with an incredible selection that satisfies your soul.

Delectable Desserts

Provisions Bake Shop dessert bars will soon have you turning a nibble into a bite and eyeing the tray for seconds. Since life is uncertain, we believe that eating dessert first is the only way to approach your meals. Go ahead and spoil your dinner with magic bars and brownies; we won’t tell anyone.

Mix and match your gift tray to create a well-rounded selection of delicious dessert bars everyone will want to try. Browse our menu and allow us to build a tray of mouthwatering sweets that will have everyone asking if there are more where they came from.