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A Variety of Delicious Gluten-Free Treats in Pelham, NY

Everybody loves to enjoy a tasty treat every now and then. For some people, though, it’s not as straightforward as picking up a slice of cake or a cookie and munching away. Individuals with a gluten allergy need to be more careful about what they’re eating. We understand this at Provisions Bake Shop, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of tasty gluten-free treats in Pelham, NY.

For instance, our gluten-free cakes are handmade with attention to detail, the finest ingredients, and a commitment to quality. We take orders, so everyone at the birthday party or graduation ceremony has something to enjoy along with other party-goers. At Provisions Bake Shop, we even offer cake delivery.

 You can also order other customized treats that elevate an ordinary event into a spectacular celebration. The only limit is your imagination, so place your order with us today, and we’ll get to work making your treats, whether you want a gluten-free goody or baked goods that are nut-free or vegan.

We make all of our treats in small batches, so each baked item you enjoy will be fresh and truly wonderful. When you’re looking for a special and unique product for co-workers, employees, or customers, we also create baked goods as corporate gifts.